Concierge Pediatrician in Miami: Vintange Pediatrics…bringing it back to the way it was meant to be!

Medicine has changed much over the years.  In general we tend to refer to this change as evolution, since in the last one hundred years there has been an endless series of new scientific and technological breakthroughs that have in general improved the quality of human life.  Nonetheless, through this same so-called evolution, we have seen the implementation of  “modern” concepts in medicine that have actually distanced the patient from physicians, creating obstacles which on the contrary have brought detriment to the quality of medical care.


The patient-physician relationship is the departing point from which meaningful medical care can arise.

Ironically, that is the one place where medicine has actually reverted back in time, undermining to a large extent the positive effects of all other improvements achieved.


Since the second-half of the last century, pushed by corporate concepts such as “efficiency” and “cost-effectiveness” with the purpose of maximizing profits, patient care has been perverted, changing from a caring relationship between physician and his/her patient to a strong preoccupation of maintaining the financial bottom line.


As a consequence, nowadays, a parent can expect to have no more than an average of 10 minutes of his/her pediatrician’s time, often preceded by long waits in a largely unpleasant overcrowded environment.  A parent often also cannot hope to directly speak to his/her own physician after-hours, and is often directed to the emergency room for medical concerns that can easily be handled in an outpatient setting.  This is the reality of many of the patients I see, coming to me finally from clinics such as Pediatric Associates, and expressing their discontent about their until-then impersonal experience.

At Night and Day Pediatrics we have made a commitment to our patients not to lose our patient-centered focus.   With a combination of quality, availability, and comfort, we have brought pediatric care back to the way it used to be.


First, we have made medical excellence our goal number one, provided by our caring staff and highly regarded physicians.


Second, we are always available to care for our patients, be it by phone, at the office, or at your home.


And, to make it all just perfect, we have made our office to feel just like home, by giving you comfort, our time, and our smiles.


Hope to see you with us soon!!!